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New FCC Rules

What are the new FCC rules everyone keeps talking about?  Do the new FCC rules apply to me?

TCPA lawsuits are on the rise.  Know the law and be ready to defend a TCPA class action lawsuit either on your own or with the help of the best TCPA defense lawyer for your individual case.

New FCC rules regarding the interpretation and implementation of the TCPA were released, and became effective, on July 10, 2015. The full text of the new FCC Declaratory Ruling and Order is available here. Telemarketers who will be most effected by the new FCC rule include those using dialing systems that don't have the "current capacity" to autodial, but which would have the "potential capacity" to do so. Businesses should also be aware of how the new FCC rules impact issues such as calling reassigned numbers, who "called party" refers to, consumer revocation of consent, and issues relating to call blocking technology.  Before these new FCC rules, many autodialer laws and robocall laws already existed regarding cell phone telemarketing.  However, these new FCC rules have drastically expanded the definition of an ATDS.  Exceptions to the new FCC rules are very limited.

This site is intended as a short summary of the new FCC rules only and is not legal advice.  Always consult with an experienced telemarketing attorney regarding FCC Regulations and FCC compliance issues. To learn about telemarketing compliance in general, consider signing up for our online telemarketing compliance courses.

This site contains information about the new FCC rules, as well as links to our sister sites where you can read more or speak with a telemarketing lawyer.

Use the highlighted links in this sentence to read about the history of the new FCC rules in our FCC rules blog, wireless DNCcell do not call implications, the new cell phone telemarketing rules, auto dialer law, robocall law and compliancecall center licenses, telemarketing licenses, telemarketing compliance, telemarketing compliance audits, avatar telemarketing laws, or contact an experienced telemarketing attorney.

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FCC Rules

FCC Rules

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